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psychedelic by miaout17

Awesome syntax colorizer in Ruby


Psychedelic is an amazing syntax colorizer library that automatically colorize any output in your console. It supports Ruby, Python, Perl, C++, Brainfuck... and any language you know magically.

Oh sorry, It cannot colorize whitespace now.

What are you waiting? Use it in your project TODAY! RIGHT NOW!
(if it's April 1 in your timezone LOL)

Release Log


I got some cool screenshots



Rails Server


Execute in your shell:
gem install psychedelic

How to use

If you are using bundler (ex. rails3), add the following ling into your Gemfile:
gem 'psychedelic'
You can do this in irb and other Ruby programs:
require 'rubygems'
gem 'psychedelic'
require 'psychedelic'